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Kristijan Gugicev is 16 years old and he is student at the high school “Gotse Delcхev”-Valandovo, Macedonia. His greatest interests are computer science, designing and maths. He has participated in many competitions in computer science at national level. In 2012 he won first price at National competition in computer science in category Applicative skills. In 2013 he won third price at National competition in computer science in same category.In this project he conducted the administration by doing the technical task in the project. He dreams of becoming a computer engineer and programmer. His hobbie is drawing and playing chess.

Toshe Todorov is 18 years old and he is a senior at the high school "Gotse Delchev" in Valandovo. He wants to study computer science and engineering. He has participated in a few programming competitions. He is most interested in astronomy and astrophysics. He is also interested in programming and artificial intelligence. His hobbies include listening to music, reading books, playing video games, etc. For this project he has contributed information and translation.

Dzoko Kimov is 18 years old. He studied elementary school in "Josip Broz - Tito" in Valandovo and is now a senior in high school "Gotse Delchev" - Valandovo. His plans for the future studies is to go study computer science and engineering. He's always been ambitious towards computers. What he like to do in free time is playing video games, listening to music, hanging out with friends etc. He has helped to the project with information and translation.

Sara Mihajlovska is 16 years old. She is a student in high school "Gotse Delchev" - Valandovo. She is most interested in music and she has participated in competition at national level. She is member of folklore musical ensemble “Gotse Delchev” in Valandovo. She has taken part in many concerts and festivals in the country. In this project she helped us about translation.

Renata Chochkova is 16 years old and she is a student in high school "Gotse Delchev" - Valandovo. She is most interested in English language and in this project she also helped us about translation. Her dream is to become English teacher.


Selami Tahir (our coach) is teacher of IT and programming languages for many years at our school. He has master degree in computer engeneering, and teaching. He was involved in many projects in our school. He is open to work with enthusiastic and talented students, improving their interest in IT and programming. Selami is interested in reading, math …

 Prof. Selami helped us to form the idea of this project and to solve the technical problems we faced during working. 

Marija Dzekova is teacher of english language at our school. She has master degree in english, and teaching. She is open to work with enthusiastic and talented students. Marija is interested in reading...

Prof. Marija helped us with translating the text and narration about the project.


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